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Hot Sells Product Of Arrowheads
Arrowheads are a symbol of culture and heritage. They are long, sharp and have a crisp edge that makes them more enticing product. Whether it is Indian Arrowheads or Native American Arrowheads or Obsidian Arrowheads, they all have an alluring charm to it that differentiates them from others. We have numerous options like Arrowhead Keychains, Necklace, Pendants etc with us. 
Hot Sells Product Of Agate Slices
Agate slices are the unformed and raw slices cut from the agate stones. These agate slices come in various colors and can be used as add-ons. We have a nice collection of pink and blue agate slice jewelry. Their texture looks tremendously gorgeous when worn in raw form. You can even order the slices and carve them in the way, you want. Or, pre-order the gorgeous necklaces, earrings and bracelets made from agate slices
Hot Sells Product Of Chakra & Reiki Sets
With the growing need for the Chakra and Reiki stones, we have introduced special chakra and reiki sets for you. These sets contain handpicked crystals and stones, which have been selected after knowing their healing properties. The aim behind having sets is simple – that you can benefit from them. These different types of stones are associated with different chakras of the body and hence, are beneficial crystals
Hot Sells Product Of Chakra Jewellery
These lovely jewelry attract everyone towards you. You can club many colors or use a single color brilliantly with this Chakra jewelry. From multi-color chakra beads to single color chakra ornaments, you can have them as per your requirement. These chakra jewelries have been designed after knowing the crystal meanings. They have tremendous healing properties, which help you in establishing balance between your emotions
Hot Sells Product Of Crystal Points
Crystal Points are used for healing and meditation purpose. These crystals work on bringing the positive energy around you. If your crystal points inwards, it will channel the energy within you. If your crystal points away from your body, the energy flows out. We have many crystal points such as gemstone obelisk, gemstone towers, and healing point products
Most Popular Products
Appreciated by all, Crystal Export brings you the most selected and popular products. These products have been ordered by many and are waiting to be picked by you. Check out why they have been so popular, check them out and order them for yourself!
Discount Products
Crystal Export brings you special offer on all its products. We are introducing a special 50% discount on all our products. This offer is valid until the stock lasts. Avail your discount now!
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Information Of Crystal Export

Located in Khambhat, Gujarat, India, Crystal Export was established in the year 1970 by Mr. Maiyuddin Khan. A. Pathan. Crystal Export is a wholesaler, manufacturer, and exporter company of crystals, new age metaphysical products, healing wands, chakra stones, seven chakra sets, reiki sets, pendulums, brass pendulums, orgone products, orgonite pyramids, healing crystals, gemstones and many more products.

Since, Khambhat is a well-known place for obtaining crystals and agate stones; you can rest assured about the quality of products.

Crystal Export is vast knowledge and experience in this field of exporting crystals, agate stones, and metaphysical products have made it a well-known name in the international market. We Are exporting our products to countries such as USA, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, France, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and Middle East for a long time now.

Crystal Export aims to provide our customers the best services in the industry. We want satisfied and happy customers and hence, we ship our items via registered airmail like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. We also make sure that our products are of high quality and have been standardized. To make sure, the ‘best’ reaches our customers, we have our own Quarries & Processing Plants to ensure quality parameters, by testing all the products in the plant.

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