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About Us...

The company, Crystal Export is situated in Khambat in Gujarat and this place is known as the origin of crystals and Agate stones. We are a renowned and reliable company dealing with the manufacture and expert of wide varieties of crystals. We also sell crystals in wholesale quantities. Apart from crystals, we have acquired fame because of the metaphysical products and the agate stones that are believed to be of the highest qualities. It is our family owned business, and we have been selling crystals from generations. We also export our products to large numbers of countries including USA, Australia, UK, Europe, and many more.

Experienced From Generations:

We have vast knowledge and experience in this field due to which we can recognize between good quality and poor quality crystals. We never manufacture duplicate or illegitimate products, and our customers are highly satisfied with what we offer. We also make efforts to pass down our skill and experience from generations to generations. It is because of this reason for which we have been operating in this industry for years and carved a niche for ourselves. Our primary motto is always to see our customers happy and satisfied due to which we always deliver them the best.

Meeting The Increasing Demands:

Over time, our products have continued gaining a huge popularity. However, regardless the demand, we are well equipped with all the resources through which we can cater to the demands without any problems. The main products of Crystal Export include Charka Pendant, Arrowheads, Gemstone Donuts, Metal Pendulums, Gemstone Pyramids, Gemstone Massage Bands and Beaded Necklace. In addition to that, we also experience a huge demand for Gemstone Tress and Bowls, Tumbled Stones, Agate Decorative Items, Gemstone Angels, Reiki Sets, Gemstones Obelisks and wide varieties of metaphysical crystals and Fengshui products. In fact, the range of products that we offer is perhaps not available anywhere else.  

Using The Highest Quality Gemstones:

Our company always makes it a point to use the highest quality gemstones for manufacturing products. Some of the gemstones that we use are Green fancy Agate, Navrang Agate, crystal quartz, black agate, golden quartz, gray agate, snowflake obsidian, citrine, black obsidian, red jasper, green aventurine and many other stones. We also offer certificate of authenticity with our products so that our customers have complete assurance with the authenticity of our products. It is also because of this reason that we have stood out in the market.

Adhering To The Latest Industrial Standards:

The products and services that we offer are not only of the highest qualities, but also we adhere to the latest industrial standards while manufacturing the products. Our processing plants and quarries have the most advanced equipment and experienced technicians to deal with the production process. We also have a separate team that takes care of the exports to make sure that the products to be exported are listed carefully and delivered without any delay. Moreover, before releasing the products into the market, we also conduct stringent testing on the gemstones to ensure that they meet the standards and are therefore flawless. Since we are careful and strict in the entire manufacturing process, we are successful in supplying only quality products in the market.

Huge Client Base:

Today, Crystal Export has established a huge business network across the world because its products are exported almost in every corner of the world. We are proud of our achievements, and we will continue offering the same in order to reach the peaks of success in the years to come. Our formidable business network is also spread across the nation. In fact, it is this network that has helped us to offer timely and efficient delivery of the products.

The Most Trusted Manufacturer:

We have become one of the most trusted wholesale manufacturer for metaphysical crystals and other new age products. These products have a deep significance, and every product is associated with different faith and beliefs. However, before buying any product, our customers can completely check out our section of crystals and get to know the meaning of each. The information available on our site on different crystals is written by different experts associated with this industry for a long time. These experts have shared their knowledge and provide you appropriate guidance to make the selection.     

Get In Touch With Us:

Once you have availed complete information on the nature of the crystals and their significance, you can easily make your decision regarding the best option. You can get in touch with us anytime you want, and we are sure that we will offer you the best possible guidance and advice. We also offer regular discounts on our products due to which you can look forward to saving a great deal of money. Therefore, it is high time to check our website www.crystalexport.com and find more on us.