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Crystal Information

All our articles are written by experts in the stone field with years of experience sharing their understanding and giving you the best advice.Explore and learn about the wondrous world of Stone and their spiritual properties.


             Belongs to a category of Quartz called Chalcedony. Intimately connected to the energy of the planet, Agate is very important for grounding, protection, luck, and divination. There are many colors and types of Agate that can be used for very specific purposes.

  •    Fire Agate is a stone of courage, protection, and strength, facilitates spiritual advancement and progression, promotes and enhances energy, including meditation, ritual, and healing energies, and strengthens the circulatory system, lymph system, and intestines.


             Has the ability to regroup dispersed energies, and bring more focus and balance.

  • Purifies and cleans the digestive and endocrine systems, and strengthens the solar plexus.

  • Is traditionally used on any part of the body to absorb pain. Afterwards, Amber can be quickly and easily cleared  with Selenite.

  • Functions as an energetic shield for children, protecting them from negativity.

  • Helps to view life with the best humor, attract love, ensure fertility, and combat impotence.


           Brings increased calm, balance, and awareness to one's thoughts, feelings, and higher consciousness, and transmits the transformative energy of violet light.

  •    Is very attractive to individuals beginning a profound deepening of their spirituality, and excellent for meditation.

  •     Physically, it has a high vibration that is very powerful against all forms of pain, and its calming effect helps to eliminate anger, fear, and anxiety.

  •     Helps in the treatment of headaches, insomnia, and addictions.

  •    Can be placed in any space to promote overall healing and well-being, by creating a calming and harmonizing atmosphere.


        Are very rare, magical, and delicate crystal formations that have the ability to harmonize, integrate, and balance elemental forces.

  • Excellent for activating healing, love, and blessings, they are able to make a direct connection between the crown and heart chakras.

  • Their exquisite colors and flowing symmetry are a constant validation of how natural beauty inspires and nurtures on the earth plane.

  • Placed in a child's room, a busy office, or healing environment, they will constantly clear, energize, and maintain a conscious, peaceful space.


            Represents the capacity to verbalize and express interior truth, and the power of the spoken word

  • Is intimitely related with the angelic essence of each being, working with purity, clarity of vision, and sensory comprehension

  • Brings balance on all levels, and stabilizes the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

  • Purifies and strengthens the entire respiratory system and organs of speech, and combats congestion and infections of the throat, thyroid and breathing problems, snoring, fevers, and high blood pressure.

  • Excellent for people who use their voice a great deal, like actors, singers, speakers, and teachers.

  • Blue Topaz, is similar in vibration and characteristics to Aquamarine.


         Amazonite - Cheerful bright teal in colour. Amazonite encourages self-determination and self-confidence, and discourages self-destruction and the notion of being a victim.

  • It is calming, helps lift sadness and apprehension, and encourages a healthy trust in the Divine. It is a filtering stone, and can protect against electromagnetic stress if placed between the person and the source of pollution. Physically, it can ease cramps and is also useful in childbirth.

  • Chakra Alignment: Heart and Throat

  • Birthstone: Virgo


          Is a member of the quartz family. Aventurine forms when quartz is subjected to extreme heat and pressure, causing it to melt and solidify, usually in large slabs with sparkly inclusions of Hematite or Mica. Aventurine can be found in a range of greens from dark to very pale.

  • Aventurine is an excellent balancing stone for the heart as it acts without causing any turbulence. Enhances self-esteem. Creates a sense of harmony and balance. Used in Feng Shui to create harmony when there is disharmony between the members of a household.

  • Chakra Alignment: Heart

  • Birthstone: Aries and Libra


            Azurite is related to malachite, and is distinguished by its lower water content. Azurite can create a strong opening of the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, facilitating and speeding up spiritual and psychic development, as well as opening the Bindu Visarga, aiding attunement and communication with our guides.

  • It is sometimes referred to as the 'Stone of Heaven', and promotes awareness and self-knowledge, encouraging a quest towards enlightenment. It can help us to achieve a deep meditative state, and is useful in astral travel.

  • Azurite is more often used in meditation, but can be a useful healing stone, treating liver, kidney and gallbladder problems, and aiding detoxification. It is also useful in stimulating the thyroid, as well as giving insight into the cause of illness. Because of its high copper content, it is sometimes used as a mild pain-reliever.

  • Birthstone: Sagittarius

  • Chakra Alignment: Throat; Crown, Third Eye and Bindu Visarga; Heart

Blood Stone

        Bloodstone is one of the oldest gemstones known to mankind, the use of which has been recorded from ancient times. It belongs to the chalcedony variety from the quartz family and in olden days was also referred by the name heliotrope, as the gem looked like the fiery red sun setting into the ocean.  The name comes from the Greek Helios, for sun.


         An extremely important healing mineral, occurring in a wide variety of forms and colours. Generally, calcite is excellent for speeding-up development on both a physical and spiritual level. It amplifies energy and can clear, open and strengthen the chakras.

  • It encourages stability and self-trust, and helps us to transform ideas into actions.

  • Calcite is an aid to healing and strengthening of bones and teeth, as well as strengthening cell walls and may also support clotting of the blood.

  • There are many different varieties of calcite, each with their own mineral structure, esoteric attributes and associations. To find out more about some special varieties of calcite please click below:


         Carnelian is a good balancer, it connects you with your inner self, giving good concentration. Said to benefit the kidneys, lungs and liver.

  • Carnelian is dynamic, fiery and passionate. It bestows courage, lifts the emotions and is good for the libido. It is grounding, especially in the here and now and has historically been used as a stone of protection.

  • Chakra Alignment: Navel

  • Birthstone: Taurus, Cancer, Leo and Virgo


          Promotes emotional balance, removes fears, and facilitates psychic perception. It alleviates depression and stress, brings clarity of thought and intention, and increases confidence and will power.

  • Symbolizing the light of sunrise, it's often used when initiating a new cycle for a project or phase of life. Known as the merchants stone, it empowers prosperity, sharing, and generosity.

  • Physically, it supports any problem or treatment involving the digestive system, and helps with weight loss and eating disorders. It activates the solar plexus, and aligns all chakras with the etheric plane.


          Are excellent for activating all chakras (especially the crown), and for crystal healing work.

  • They bring clarity of mind and concentration to all forms of energy practices, often contain veils and rainbows, and come in many forms, shapes, and sizes.


        Charoite is believed to dispel negativity and cleanse the aura, perfect for crystal mediation. This beautiful and mysterious crystal is found in just one location - by the Charo River in Russia.

  • Charoite is a very rare crystal and was only discovered in 1947, in the Murun Mountains. The existence of charoite was not known to the West until 1978. Still only found near the Charo River in Russia - a part of the country known for its extreme climate and somewhere that political prisoners were once sent.

  • Charoite is associated with the transformation of negative energy into positivity. It is also highly cleansing and is often used in conjunction with amethyst to accelerate healing and remove fear. It is recommended for those with disturbed sleep and bad dreams, as well as to empower the inner self.

  • Charka Alignment: Third Eye

  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Sagittarius


      Origin of Name & Mythology: The name was first used by Theophrastus in 315 B.C. and comes from the Greek chrysos, meaning "gold," and kolla, meaning "glue," in allusion to the name of the material used to solder gold.

  • Chrysocolla has been used for many years as a healing stone among Native American cultures, mainly to help strengthen the body's resistance. It is detoxifying, balancing, extremely calming, and encourages neutrality and clarity. It is especially effective in treating sinus and respiratory infections.

  • Birthstone: Gemini, Virgo and Taurus

  • Chakra Alignment: All, particularly Heart, Throat and Root

  • Element: None


                       Chrysoprase is an apple green chalcedony with an almost artificial-looking bright colour range.

  • Considered extremely detoxifying - an attribute recognised by Hildegard von Bingen in the Middle Ages. Chrysoprase also helps us to see where we are in the Web of the Universe and acknowledge seemingly random events as synchronicity. It is bright and cheering - definitely a "glass half full" type of crystal.

  • Chakra Alignment: Heart

  • Birthstone: Libra


  • Symbolizes the curative power of green energy.

  • Helps to revitalize the physical body, normalize arterial pressure, and is the great specialist for heart disease.

  • Promotes emotional and mental harmony, and the ability to express.

  • As its energy isn't compatible with other stones (with the exception of Diamonds), Emerald is usually used alone.


      Fluorite is a halide mineral composed of calcium fluoride, CaF2. It is considered a powerful healing stone and is said to bring order to chaos.

  • Fluorite is commonly found in metamorphic rock. It often has bands of different colours running through it that make it a popular decorative stone. The most common colours found in fluorite are blue, violet, green and yellow.

  • There are many different varieties of fluorite, each with their own mineral structure, esoteric attributes and associations. To find out more about some special varieties of fluorite please click below.


           Mineral Species: Garnet Group: garnets have a wide colour range, each due to a slightly different chemical formula, and there are 15 species of garnet

  • Typical Appearance: Usually dodecahedral or trapezoidal crystals, or a combination of the two.

  • Origin of Name & Mythology: Since the Middle Ages, garnet has represented the journey of the soul, and just as polishing a garnet will bring out its inner fire, life's trials and difficulties are seen as a polishing process for the character.

  • In the Middle Ages, garnet was the same as carbuncle, which was reputed to "glow in the dark". Even then this was considered to be on a spiritual level, and meant that the stone gave one hope in times that could be only described as the Long Dark Night of the Soul. Garnets were worn to bring luck, wealth and blessings, and were often set into shields and the hilt of swords to protect warriors against harm. It is still considered to be the crisis stone, and engenders a feeling of community in difficult times. It promotes self-confidence and eliminates unnecessary inhibitions, and encourages a balanced approach to sexuality. It fortifies the powers of regeneration in the body. It is also known as the Hero Stone, as it often looks ordinary until polishing brings out its fire and colour, just as life's trials and difficulties are seen as a polishing process for the character.

  • There are many different varieties of garnet, each with their own esoteric attributes and associations. To find out more about some special varieties of garnet please click below:

  • Birthstone: Aquarius, secondary birthstone for Leo, Virgo, and Capricorn

  • Chakra Alignment: Depends on colour


                 Goldstone is a very supportive, positive stone that glitters with healing copper particles.

  • Blue Goldstone

                  Aids communication and assists astral travel. Included copper generates warming and pain relief.
                  Chakra Alignment: Throat

  • Green Goldstone

                   Supports, particularly the heart, and balances. Included copper generates warming and pain relief.
                  Chakra Alignment: Heart

  • Red Goldstone

                  Associated with wealth and abundance. Included copper generates warming and pain relief.
                  Chakra Alignment: Navel and Solar Plexus


       Hematite is said to enhance personal magnetism, will and courage. Believed beneficial for blood flow, stress and the nerves. Hematite has an attractive silver sheen and is often used in jewellery.

  • Hematite is used to encourage optimism and is also good for stress and depression. It is an extremely good grounding stone. Wearing or holding a piece of hematite will bring the wearer's awareness back to the body and present almost instantly.

  • Hematite rounds, protects, strengthens the will and because of its reflective quality, promotes awareness of personal issues and patterns by encouraging inner reflection. It encourages the ability to survive and the desire for further development. Because of its high iron content, hematite is used in the treatment of anaemia and circulatory problems. It clears and re-aligns lower Chakras, allowing any unwanted or unnecessary energy to drain down and out of the body.

  • Hematite also draws off heat and can be useful in treatment of fevers. A rose-shaped hematite crystal has the same qualities as smooth, polished hematite, but can be further used to help to contain one's own energy. When used in meditation, it allows us to see different layers of reality, and to step back and view our problems with detachment.

  • Chemically, hematite is an iron ore. The Ancient Greeks associated iron with Mars the god of war, and soldiers would rub hematite on their skin before battle to make themselves invulnerable. Anselmus Di Boot, court physician to Rudolph II of Germany advocated using hematite to staunch haemorrhages in 1609. Di Boot also wrote the hematite can be used for protection.

  • Birthstone: Aries and Aquarius

  • Chakra Alignment: Root


        Howlite is believed to eliminate rage and calm violent, uncontrolled anger. Physically, howlite is believed to be good for teeth and bones.

  • Natural Howlite

               Howlite is naturally white with fine grey marbling but can be dyed other colours to add a level of colour therapy                    to its attributes. Natural howlite helps to bring new ideas into focus and is associated with purity.
               It is alsopurported to aid in past-life journeys.
              Chakra Alignment: Crown
              Birthstone: Gemini

  • Blue Howlite / Turquoise Howlite

              Blue howlite enhances communication and strengthens self-protection and self-healing.
              Chakra Alignment: Throat
              Birthstone: Gemini

  • Chrysocolla Howlite

             This type of howlite is extremely calming and encourages neutrality and clarity. Chrysocolla howlite is also said                     to be effective in treating sinus and respiratory infections.
            Chakra Alignment: Heart and Throat
            Birthstone: Gemini

  • Malachite Howlite

             Named for its rich malachite-like colour, malachite howlite is aligned with the Heart Chakra. It is believed to calm                  the senses and protect us from harm. It is also believed to heal the emotion.
             Chakra Alignment: Heart
             Birthstone: Gemini


                Iolite is a complex crystal valued by the Vikings and believed to combat addiction.

  • When used to fight addiction, Iolite is said to show the true causes of addiction and help us to let them go. It is particularly associated with alcoholism due to its power to detoxify the liver. It is also said to relieve migraine headaches.

  • On a spiritual level, iolite is believed to greatly aid visualisation. It is said to bring personal insight, help form goals and allow us to move towards a better future. It is said to help us feel comfortable even whilst working with sensitive emotional issues.

  • Iolite was prized by the Vikings due to its extreme pleochroism, meaning that its crystal structure shows different colours when viewed from different directions. When the Vikings sailed away from the coast, they were able to determine the exact position of the sun by looking through thin pieces of iolite. This meant that they could navigate accurately even when far from home, crucial to their seafaring way of life.

JADE (Nephrite)

  • Is excellent for communication, unity, and nourishing community spirit.

  • Supports the heart chakra and kidneys, and brings emotional balance and universal love to relationships .

  • A very protective stone in general, physically, against illness, and psychically, it is especially good for children.

  • Its energetic clearing properties work well with other stones.


        Japer is said to be useful for controlling the emotions and a good stone for soothing the nerves.
Jasper in whatever form is extremely nurturing and reminds us that we are here to nurture others as well. It occurs in many colours, all of which present their own properties.

  • Red Jasper

               Good for gently dynamic energy and passion - and yes, good for the sex drive! It brings problems to light before                    they get out of hand, helps in dream recall, and strengthens and detoxifies.
              Chakra Alignment: Navel and Base
              Birthstone: Aries and Leo

  • Picture Jasper

             Strengthens the will and sense of purpose. Grounds and aligns the lower Chakras.
             Chakra Alignment: Base
             Birthstone: Aries


           Kyanite naturally attunes and balances mental energy, aligns and open chakras instantly, and doesn't absorb negative energy. It enhances communication, channeling, meditation, dream recall, and altered states of mind, and brings a tranquil and centering vibration that facilitates inner journeys, profound experiences, self- cultivation, and manifesting thought into action.

  • Blue Kyanite strengthens thyroid and parathyroid functioning, gently stimulates the throat and third-eye chakras, opens the mind to higher ideas and more optimistic thinking, and supports and improves the immune, muscular, and cardiovascular systems.

  • Black Kyanite grounds, creates an atmosphere of safety, security,andprotection,supportsdreamworkand hypnosis,and helps one transcend the mysteries of the dream world and access extra terrestrial dimensions.

  • Used together, Blue and Black Kyanite spontaneously align all chakras to produce maximum awareness and intuition.


             Were first discovered on the Serra do Cabral in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Recognized by parallel grooves that run along alternating sides, they are believed to be programed with spiritual information and wisdom from the ancient Lemurian Culture. Their message is "yes!" Very supportive, positive, and life affirming crystals, they enhance and encourage inner development and connectedness. Variations include:

  • Classic Pink Lemurians are excellent for activating the heart chakra and awareness of universal love, connectedness, and spiritual development.

  • Clear Lemurians bring guidance and clarity to one's spiritual path.

  • Smoky Lemurians provide easy emotional release and freedom from negative thoughts and energies.

  • Rutilated Lemurians are very rare, and contain concentrated and highly refined Lemurian power.

  • Lemurian Goddess Crystals are clear to slightly smoky, and may have a white or earth tone phantom layer one or more faces. They bring the mind and body into balance with the nurturing qualities of the earth, and give access to Lemurian goddess wisdom.

  • Lemurian Dream Quartz contains phantoms ranging in color from creamy white to pale green, and integrate spiritual dreams and awareness into the realities of earthly life. They easily elevate thoughts to access Lemurian wisdom from higher planes.

  • Lemurian Healers contain green chlorite phantoms. They can be used alone or in combination with other healing crystals to strengthen the immune and circulatory systems, increase energy, and promote well being.

  • Lemurian Golden Healers have a thin coating of golden colored Iron, and are wonderful for all types of healing work, and especially with feelings and emotions.

  • Carneros Lemurians come from the Carneros Lemurian Mine, and are very powerful and energetic. They activate the crown chakra, and facilitate connection with the higher mind, the ability to focus, and clarity of intention.

  • Super Pink Lemurians are one of the newest and very rarest varieties of Lumurian Seed Crystals, that came from a small pocket discovered in late 2009. Partially covered by a thin layer of oxidized iron (Hematite), which readily flakes off, these crystal have an additional layer of very, very unusual, captivating, and intriguing surface markings. They add a whole new and very advanced level to Lemurian Crystal wisdom and information, that feels very fresh, profound, and mind expanding, on top of a strong, heart center foundation.

  • Tangerine Lemurians are the ultimate second chakra crystals, strengthening passion and desire, and connecting them with one's spiritual aspirations.


           Unites the powers of rose and violet light, brings balance to the heart and crown chakras, and activates these energies on the causal plane.

  • Prepares a path for harmonizing feelings of self- esteem, acceptance, openness, honesty, and forgiveness.

  • Awakens spiritual love by it's capacity to synchronize angelic energies.

  • Helps in transitions, and facilitates restructuring and reorganizing old and outdated attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs.

  • Induces change when necessary, and stimulates acceptance of the new.

  • Reduces stress and tension, aids digestion, alleviates cramps, tendonitis, and muscle tension, and can locate areas in the physical body that have energetic blocks.

Lapis Lazuli

            Lapis Lazuli is a wonderfully vibrant crystal prized for thousands of years and sought after for use in jewellery.

  • The Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians prized lapis lazuli and called it the Stone of Rulers. It was particularly thought to bring wisdom, truth and insight.

  • Lapis lazuli is associated with friendship, peace, relaxation and communication. It is aligned with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. Lapis lazuli is believed to help us express ourselves, voice our true selves and is recommended for anyone who is introverted. It is also highly associated with teach and passing on wisdom.

  • Lapis lazuli is also considered very cleansing and protects for physical danger, harmful intent and the evil eye. It is quite rare, especially in particularly rich blue colours.

  • Chakra Alignment: Throat, Third Eye, Crown

  • Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius


         Labradorite is believed to be a blazing, fire like stone that can to protect and cushion one's aura, as well as providing wisdom and understanding.

  • Labradorite is used for protection, renewal of energy for those who overwork, keeping the aura clear, and also for revealing hidden talents or psychic gifts. It is known as the Old Warrior's Stone as it is believed to give old souls new energy. It is also known as the 'illusion killer', as it helps us to see the true shape of our intentions.

  • Chakra Alignment: Root and Throat

  • Zodiac: Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio


  • Is a tektite, created when a binary asteroid struck the surface of the earth approximately 14.9 million years ago.

  • Helps to channel information and energy from extraterrestial and interdimensional sources.

  • Promotes balance between the physical body and the mind, alignment with the higher self, spiritual connections, evolutionary change, and regeneration.

  • Helps to eliminate limiting beliefs, that get in the way of receiving major spiritual perception, and has a unique energy that continually uplifts, supports, and expands human awareness.


         Moonstone is regarded as the stone of women and associated with water and the Moon. It is dedicated to the Moon, fertility, and femininity. In line with its feminine character, moonstone inspires flexibility, nurturing wisdom and is believed helpful in pregnancy.

  • Moonstone is sometimes called the Visionary Stone and is believed to aid psychic development. It is said to form a connection to the Divine and help to create emotional balance.

  • Moonstone is well known for easing menstrual cramps and is good for women going through transitional stages. Carrying a moonstone in your pocket can alleviate the symptoms of PMT. It is said to help balance all fluid systems in the body, such as the digestive system, reproductive system and lymphatic system.

  • Moon Stone stabilizes all emotional states and helps relieve stress and tension. These qualities link moonstone to the Sacral Chakra as well as to the Crown Chakra. Moonstone also works well at the Solar Plexus where emotional stress can upset the nervous system.

  • Norwegian Moonstone

  • Norwegian Moonstone has a deep blue-grey colour and is a striking alternative to pink and white moonstones. It has the attributes of regular moonstone but is also associated with strength and mood-lifting properties.

  • Chakra Alignment: Crown

  • Zodiac: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio


          Typical Appearance: Usually found masive as thick crusts with a botryoidal surface and a fibrous and banded structure. When crystals are found they are small, acicular or prismatic with wedge-shaped terminations.

  • Malachite has been used medicinally in many cultures for thousands of years. It is a powerful healer and balancer on every level, and has natural bacteriostatic qualities, so can be used to support the immune system and fight infection.

  • Some refer to it as the “midwife stone”, as it is used to ease both labour and period pains, and with its high copper content, is believed to draw off heat and inflammation, and so is an effective treatment for relieving osteoarthritis and other inflammatory illnesses or injuries, as well as reducing fever.

  • It has been used as a protective amulet throughout history, and in modern crystal healing, is often employed to absorb pollution and electromagnetic energy around computers and other electrical appliances.

  • Birthstone: Capricorn and Scorpio

  • Chakra Alignment: Heart

  • Element: Earth


       Obsidian is a unique form of glassy crystal associated with protection and grounding.
It said to root spiritual energy and restore our integrity. As well as its grounding properties, obsidian is believed to dissolve negative energy, in particular fear, pain, behavioural patterns and fear. In this capacity, obsidian is recommended for stress, anxiety and addiction.

  • Obsidian is also used for scrying mirrors and crystal balls, due to its glossy shine. Obsidian crystallised extremely quickly, which produces a smooth finish and no visible crystals. This gives it a very pure black colour and a high shine perfect for scrying. The exact way in which it crystallises can result in a few different varieties of obsidian.

  • Gold or Silver Sheen Obsidian: The gold or silver sheen is formed by tiny distributed gas bubbles trapped in the obsidian as it cools. In addition to obsidian's general properties, sheen obsidian is particularly used in scrying.

  • Rainbow Obsidian : Rainbow obsidian is black with bands of colour created by light refraction of water trapped in the glass as it cooled. It forms in green, purple, pink or blue, sometimes in a 'bull's eye' pattern. Rainbow obsidian is good for energetic balancing.

  • snowflake Obsidian : As obsidian begins to crystallise it can form small inclusions of grey feldspar, which creates the delicate "snowflakes" in this crystal. Snowflake obsidian is associated with purity and balance of the mind, body and spirit. It is said to be beneficial for the skin and circulation.

  • Chakra Alignment: Root

  • Zodiac: Capricorn


       Onyx is a grounding stone that calm fears and root spiritual energy in the body. It is said to create a feeling of security, allowing us to see past fear and relieve stress.

  • Believed to bring strength in all forms, onyx is considered beneficial for the eyes, bones and nervous system. It can take a while to manifest its effects and should be worn for long periods.

  • White Onyx

  • Onyx is usually black but can occur in a striking pure white form. White onyx has the same properties as black onyx, but with an added sense of purity and calm.

  • Chakra Alignment: Root

  • Zodiac: Leo


  • Blue Boulder Opal

             Emotionally soothing and uplifting and an assistant in communication and self-expression, especially when there is             a lack of self-confidence. Blue opal is also purported to be useful in healing past-life injuries of the throat, or other                 experiences that are affecting the present life.
            Chakra Alignment: Throat
            Zodiac: Aries, Virgo

  • Blue Andean Opal

             Mythologically associated with oceans, distances and the longing for a spiritual home. In South America it is                            considered a magical love stone. It is warm and happy, and connects primarily with the Heart and Upper Heart                      Chakras, more than with the Throat. It helps us to become open and enthusiastic, liberates feelings, and has                              a mood-lifting effect. It strengthens the immune system as well as having a positive effect on the emotions, and aids              inner reflection. It works slowly, and is best used in direct contact with the body.
             Chakra Alignment: Throat
             Zodiac: Aries, Virgo

  • Fire Opal

            A powerful energiser and warming stone, fire opal also facilitates change and "moving on". It can support                                   underlying energy levels to avoid "burn-out". Use with care, as it can sometimes be overwhelming to those who are               weak from long-term illness. Fire opal can also magnify and dislodge deep-seated emotions, allowing us to let go                     of  the past and face our demons.
           Chakra Alignment: Throat, Navel
           Zodiac: Aries, Virgo

  • Rose Opal

             Releases us from our inhibitions and allows us to express ourselves openly, revealing our true                                                          nature.  It  encourages generosity on a community level. It is also used to activate and open the Heart Chakra while              remaining grounded and centred. Chakra Alignment: Throat, Heart
            Zodiac: Aries, Virgo


  • Are a rare and unusual type, that have ghostlike pyramids and forms within them.

  • They are powerful crystals for meditation and shamanic work


          Activates the crown (seventh) chakra, bringing spiritual wisdom in order to specifically work with the widest and most open concept of expectation, encouraging ideas for physical, emotional, and mental well being.

  • Also helps one to see through appearances, promoting greater comprehension of what is truly behind and inside of words and actions.

  • As an amulet, it is used to atract wealth and prosperity, protection against physical dangers, and negative vibrations.


           Peridot has an open, strengthening energy that aligns with the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras. This pretty green stone is believed to strengthen and regenerate, boosting overall health. It is also said to lead to healthy childbirth, encouraging a speedy and trouble-free birth.

  • Peridot is used to encourage acceptance and openness. It is said to help us see what changes need to be made to improve our lives, and help us move forward and implement those changes. Overall, peridot is an optimistic stone that benefits overall physical, mental and spiritual health.

  • Chakra Alignment: Heart and Solar Plexus

  • Zodiac Signs: Virgo


  • Contain iridescent rainbows that bring happiness and positive energy.


  • Is excellent for learning about love for life, and how to give and receive love on all levels. It has a powerful influence on the creative process and the intuitive mind.

  • When in contact with the 4th (heart) chakra, Rhodochrosite activates the transmission of love energy from within the heart, to search outside for a direct connection with other sources of love.

  • A very valuable stone for discovering and manifesting the love you truly need, it also acts on the third and second chakras, uniting love with emotions and sexual energy.


  • Conducts the loving vibration of the heart chakra to the root chakra, so that it can be put into practice in the physical life.

  • Places feelings in action, by providing the understanding that compassion is something to put into practice, and not simply an emotion.

  • Helps the individual to relate to his/her own body, learn how to listen to and love it, in spite of all their limitations, and also to have secure sense of calm in any activity.

  • Diminishes anxiety, facilitates patience and coherence, and can be used in the treatment of infections and inflammations.


  • Is the fundamental heart chakra stone, and symbolizes the power and healing potential of unconditional love.

  • Through its gentle vibration, it brings remembrance of the essence of love, free from guilt and fear, and fosters forgiveness, higher consciousness, and compassion.

  • Helps to expand and create a new reality in life and with the universe, by providing the ability to reprogram the heart for developing and maintaining self love, esteem, and acceptance.


  • Activates and revitalized the physical body by working directly on blood flow, circulation, and the heart.

  • Represents the highest degree of justice, and recognition of the true power of spirit, and helps eliminate disorientation, disappointment, and depression.

  • Aids in making decisions, with family problems, negotiations, and agreements, and brings emotional balance, flexibility, confidence, and self esteem.


  • All of the Rutiles (Gold, Silver, Red, Orange, and Angel Hair) are strong generators and conductors of electromagnetic energy. Because of this, they are used to cure and balance auras, repel any type of negative energy or effect, and strengthen the physical and all of the subtle bodies.

  • They eliminate any type of energetic interference, bring physical, emotional, and mental stability, and amplify the power to create and manifest.

  • Most commonly found as Inclusions within Quartz Crystal, where they resemble long, thin needles, this combination is known as Rutilated Quartz, and possesses all of the positive energies and qualities of both materials.


  • Promotes mental and physical flexibility, strengthens comprehension and decision making abilities, and helps clarify perception of the more profound and important aspects of any situation.

  • Helps to align, remove blockages, and improve both upward and downward energetic flow along the spinal column, and facilitates cellular regeneration.

  • Activates the transpersonal chakras so that they can receive and connect with pure spiritual energy.

  • Can clear, clean, and energize other crystals, objects, persons, and environments simultaneously, and is a wonderful tool for energetic and healing activities.

  • Works well in connection with Hematite and Black Tourmaline to increase the range and power of intuition and meditation practices.


  • Balances the spirit of the earth, and provides a protective shield against negative energies.

  • Helps on the inner path to transform shadows into light, stabilizes emotions, gives security by freeing one from fears and worries, and cures depression.

  • Encourages experimentation with new things, and develops an attitude of self acceptance in the process of learning.

  • Strengthens the kidneys and  pancreas, increases fertility, balances sexual energy, and initiates the movement of Kundalini.

  • Dissipates subconscious blocks and negativity on all levels, assists with dream awareness and channeling, and gives knowledge and connection with nature.


  • Sodalite is a calm and communicative crystal that is helpful to have with you. It helps to calm and clear the mind, whilst bringing joy to the heart.

  • Sodalite is aligned with the throat chakra and primarily associated with communication. It is said to balance the intellect with intuition, helping us to communicate clearly. It encourages ambition and realisation of ideals. Because of this, sodalite is good for working in groups and is believed to inspire feeling of community. Sodalite also helps with self-acceptance and self-awareness.

  • Physically, sodalite is believed to aid metabolism and balance the lymphatic system.

  • Chakra Alignment: Throat

  • Zodiac: Sagittarius


  • Brings perfect divine perception to all things.

  • Allows one to discover the source of any physical problem, be receptive to higher influences, and gives protection during difficult times by developing one’s ability to live in the here and now, and believe in their self.

  • Helps to eliminate hostility, preconceptions, and any kind of negativity imaginable, and is excellent for healing or balancing any illness or condition involving the brain or nervous system, like autism, dyslexia, or epilepsy.


  • Sunstone is mood lifting and anti-depressant. It supports a sense of self-worth and allows us to let go of feelings of failure and to believe in luck and happiness again. On a wider level, it helps us to see the world and the past in a better light.

  • Sunstone's brilliant inclusions are usually due to the presence of hematite or goethite.

  • Chakra Alignment: Solar Plexus, Navel

  • Zodiac: Leo, Aries

Tiger Eye

     Tigers Eye is a stone of confidence and power that inspired brave - but never foolhardy - behaviour. It is believed to give us the strength, courage and cunning of a tiger. All types of tiger eye are believed to be beneficial for the digestive system.

  • Gold Tiger Eye / Tiger Eye

              Long considered a protective stone and carried as an amulet or talisman, Gold Tigers Eye also promotes creativity,              ambition, dynamic energy and can be used to combat depression. It is considered the universal 'luck' stone and in                some systems is reputed to attract money.

  • Blue Tiger Eye

             Also known as falcon's eye. In the Middle Ages blue tiger eye was worn as an amulet against witchcraft, demons and              the evil eye. It remains a powerful protection stone. Blue tiger eye is calming and de-stressing, can help us to see                    our life plan and makes us less prone to mood fluctuations.

  • Chakra Alignment: Solar Plexus

  • Zodiac: Leo, Capricorn


       Topaz is considered a stone of love, happiness and abundance. It encourages self-realisation, strengthens self-confidence, fortifies the nervous system and activates the life force, Prana or Chi.

  • Blue Topaz

             Much of the blue topaz currently available has been in some way artificially produced. If you are lucky enough to                  find a genuine piece, use it to attune to your higher self in meditation and to realise your own truth. Blue topaz is                    also considered a Celestial Communication Stone.
             Chakra Alignment: Throat
             Zodiac: Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius

  • Clear Topaz

             Also known as white topaz. Useful in space clearing, moving emotional blocks and stagnant energy. Clear topaz                      helps us to become aware of and purify our thoughts and actions.
             Chakra Alignment: Crown
             Zodiac: Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius

  • Imperial Topaz

            In ancient times golden imperial topaz was considered to be a stone of the sun. Imperial topaz is warming and                         revitalising. It fills the body with golden light. Imperial topaz is believed to assist in recognising our own abilities                  and instils drive, ambition and creativity.
           Chakra Alignment: Solar Plexus
           Zodiac: Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius

  • Pink Topaz

            Engenders hope and supports health by allowing the body to let go of emotional patterns that cause illness. Pink                     topaz can also help us to feel supported by a love both for and from the Divine.
            Chakra Alignment: Heart
            Zodiac: Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius


  • Unakite is a combination of Pink Feldspar, Green Epidote and Quartz. Cleansing, balancing and detoxifying. It can be used to see the root cause of illness. It is sometimes used as a fertility aid, and is believed to support a healthy pregnancy.

  • Chakra Alignment: Heart

  • Zodiac: Scorpio


  • All colors and types of Tourmaline act directly on the physical body at the cellular level, generating and transmitting electric and electromagnetic energy.

  • Blue (Indicolite) aids concentration, visualization, and clarity of verbal expression, brings calm to a troubled heart, supports vision and hearing, and combats illnesses and problems involving the thyroid, throat, and speech.

  • Red/Pink (Rubelite) reinforces the willingness to understand and create love, strengthens the heart, promotes peace and happiness during growth and change, and liberates destructive tendencies.

  • Green has powerful curative properties, aids in rapid recuperation from any illness, and boosts the effectiveness of other stones and herbal treatments.

  • Black protects by repelling negative energies, supports the immune system, and helps one maintain positive spiritual consciousness when living in big, polluted cities.

  • Watermelon integrates and maximizes the dual aspects of the heart chakra - universal love and curative life force