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Healing Wands CATEGORIES

Chakra Healing Wands
Chakra Healing Wands (94)
Gemstone Healing Wands
Gemstone Healing Wands (60)
Silver Healing Wands
Silver Healing Wands (5)
Tibetan Healing Wand
Tibetan Healing Wand (82)
Wooden Wands
Wooden Wands (40)



Healing Wands have healing properties and can be used to keep the negative energy at bay. They help you to relax and ease off the burden from your head. Depending on the various healing properties, we have created different wands from various materials. For example, we have Step cut rose wood wands, spiral rose wood wands, tree shape wood wands, mix design wood healing wands, spiral wood healing wands, twisted healing wood wands and many others, which are made from wood. In Chakra healing wands, we have chakra bonded healing energy wands, chakra bonded bullet carved wands, crystal quartz UsuiReiki wands, black agate Usui Reiki wands, chakra ball healing wands, moon stone point healing wands and others. In gemstone healing wands, you can buy black agate ball carved wands, tiger eye spiral wands, spiral wands peach aventurine, Orgone healing wands, lapis lazuli spiral healing wands and others.

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