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Chakra Jewellery CATEGORIES

Chakra 925 Silver Pendants
Chakra 925 Silver Pendants (40)
Chakra Bracelets
Chakra Bracelets (60)
Chakra Earrings
Chakra Earrings (8)
Chakra Metal Pendants
Chakra Metal Pendants (211)
Chakra Necklace
Chakra Necklace (13)
Charka Ring
Charka Ring (7)
Wooden Chakra Pendant
Wooden Chakra Pendant (13)

DECRIPTIONS OF Chakra Jewellery


These lovely jewelry attract everyone towards you. You can club many colors or use a single color brilliantly with this Chakra jewelry. From multi-color chakra beads to single color chakra ornaments, you can have them as per your requirement. These chakra jewelries have been designed after knowing the crystal meanings. They have tremendous healing properties, which help you in establishing balance between your emotions

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