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Aura Crystals Pendants
Aura Crystals Pendants (4)
Electroplated Pendants
Electroplated Pendants (105)
Gemstone Bottle Pendants
Gemstone Bottle Pendants (19)
Gemstone Cabachons
Gemstone Cabachons (35)
Healing Cap Pencil Pendant
Healing Cap Pencil Pendant (53)
Healing Pencil Pendants
Healing Pencil Pendants (60)
Healing Pendants
Healing Pendants (255)
Printed Pendants
Printed Pendants (10)
Ring Cabs
Ring Cabs (13)
Tibetan Pendants
Tibetan Pendants (12)
Tree Of Life Pendants
Tree Of Life Pendants (24)
Vogel Pendants
Vogel Pendants (16)
Wire Wrap Pendants
Wire Wrap Pendants (217)



 Pendants  are great way to look trendy and classy. And, that is why we bring you amazing range of pendants. You can buy many pendants such as engraved pendants, focal beads pendants, gemstone cabochons, healing pendants and wire wrap pendants. They are available in many colors and are suitable for each purpose. If you are looking just for a shiny bunch, pick up gemstone cabochons or for healing purpose, select healing pendants. Each one has been designed knowing its importance.

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