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Metaphysical-Healing Items CATEGORIES

Chakra Hanging Stone
Chakra Hanging Stone (19)
Crystals Mushrooms Gemstone
Crystals Mushrooms Gemstone (20)
Gemstone Angels
Gemstone Angels (82)
Geometry Sets
Geometry Sets (79)
Gua Sha Massager
Gua Sha Massager (2)
Healing Stone Coaster With Engraving
Healing Stone Coaster With Engraving (128)
Healing-Energy-Tools (152)
Leather Diary
Leather Diary (13)
Merkaba Star
Merkaba Star (37)
Rune Sets
Rune Sets (84)
Tibetan Singing Bowls
Tibetan Singing Bowls (5)
Vajra-Dorje and Phurba
Vajra-Dorje and Phurba (12)
Worry Stones
Worry Stones (30)

DECRIPTIONS OF Metaphysical-Healing Items


Metaphysical products aim at balancing your energy. We have various metaphysical healing items that can work wonders for you. For example, we have sacred geometry sets, which contain platonic solids to send every kind of positive energy towards you. You can buy different geometry sets like Sacred geometry set Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz 7 Platonic Sacred Geometry sets, Amethyst Sacred Geometry 7 piece set, Crystal Quartz Seven Sacred geometry set, Black agate sacred geometry set etc. In healing energy tools, we have Chakra pyramid energy generator, Lapis Lazuli Reiki Energy Generator, Chakra energy orgone pyramids, Red jasper chakra energy generator etc. In Mercaba stars, we have multi gemstone Merkaba star, crystal quartz 12 point star and Moss agate oval rune set, crystal quartz disc rune set, Narmada Lingam tune set in Rune Set category. We also deal in worry stones such as Blue aventurine worry stone, peach aventurine worry stone, Sodalite worry stone, rainbow moonstone worry stonesetc.

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