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Spheres & Pyramids & Eggs CATEGORIES

Crystals Cube
Crystals Cube (18)
Gemstone Eggs
Gemstone Eggs (23)
Gemstone Pyramids
Gemstone Pyramids (68)
Gemstone Spheres
Gemstone Spheres (65)
Lingam (6)
Vastu Healing Pyramid
Vastu Healing Pyramid (30)

DECRIPTIONS OF Spheres & Pyramids & Eggs


In healing products, each shape has a different meaning and caters to different healing properties. Knowing that, we have designed various shapes from precious stones. They surround you with positive energy and help in bringing success in your life. For example, we deal in Narmada Shiva Lingam, Pyrite Lingam, Quartz egg stones, Cream moon stoen eggs, synthetic malachite eggs, moss agate eggs, Bonded chakra pyramids, mix crystal pyramids, sodalite pyramids, lapis lazuli products, red spotted spheres, dendritic agate speheres, shardonyx banded ball etc.

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