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Chakra-Reiki Products CATEGORIES

Bonded Chakra Items
Bonded Chakra Items (23)
Chakra Set
Chakra Set (218)
Chakra With Box
Chakra With Box (61)
Chakra-Reiki Keyrings
Chakra-Reiki Keyrings (23)
Embossed Stones
Embossed Stones (15)
Engraved Chakra Pendants
Engraved Chakra Pendants (28)
Pagan-Wiccan Set
Pagan-Wiccan Set (10)
Reiki Ball Set
Reiki Ball Set (11)
Reiki Elements
Reiki Elements (18)
Reiki Set
Reiki Set (135)

DECRIPTIONS OF Chakra-Reiki Products


"With the growing need for the Chakra and Reiki stones, we have introduced special chakra and reiki sets for you. These sets contain handpicked crystals and stones, which have been selected after knowing their healing properties. The aim behind having sets is simple – that you can benefit from them. These different types of stones are associated with different chakras of the body and hence, are beneficial crystals"